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Derek Moore 

Fine Art & Murals

About the Artist

Derek Moore is an artist who grew up in the Inland Empire, but grew roots in the Bay Area. He is currently working on a body of paintings to be unveiled, but has worked artistically in a variety of capacities. From exhibiting work, executing comissions, painting murals, prop-design and set-work in theaters, to teaching professionally, he strives to create and uplift others through art. He currently teaches at Ichen Art Academy in Fremont and Pleasanton, CA, and paints from his home studio. 


Derek's personal artwork is founded in figurative and portraiture, but revolves around psyche, spiritual alchemy, and metaphysics. Although oil paint is his primary medium, Derek uses acrylics, ink, watercolor and graphite when it suits him. By playing with isomorphisms between music theory,  color theory and sacred geometry,  he pulls human forms out of nebulous void and portrays them in a kaleidoscopic limbo. In analogizing these subjects, something archetypal emerges: the psychoid nature of what a relationship is. He brings to question relation to one's self and relation to others.  

2010 - present

2010 - present

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